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Iwobi ponders on Arsenal’s winger search and says he may consider leaving



Unai Emery has made no secret of the fact that he has been searching for an out-and-out winger ever since he arrived at Arsenal, and after many rumours in January we only ended up with Denis Suarez on loan, and now this summer we have been very strongly linked with Wilfreid Zaha and Everton Soares as well, who both look like they could be first teamers, and we have already acquired the impressive youngster Gabriel Martinelli. We could add to that the fact that Reiss Nelson has also returned to the squad to fight for a place in the starting line-up, and Eddie Nketiah and Jow Willock moving up from the youngsters.

All these moves are possible threats to Iwobi’s place in the team, and it has given him some pause for thought. The Nigerian international warned in the Sun: “I am not one to chicken out. I have had it all over the years, being told I’m not good enough.

“So whenever the chance comes I always try and prove I should be starting. But it’s going to be difficult if Zaha comes. He will add more stress.

“I am up for the fight but the only time I would consider leaving is if I am not playing as much as I would like to.

“Obviously, my joy is to play football and not just sit out.

“If it comes to that I would have no choice but to leave. But I would always put up a fight to play — that is what I have done all my life.

“We have big stars already, so by adding another one I’ll just have to prove I can do better than them.”

Iwobi obviously feels strongly that his place is under threat for him to speak out so publicly about his fears, and we can only hope that he steps up his game considerably this season and proves he is real Arsenal first team materiel.


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Arsenal news

Arsenal have every reason to be very confident of a successful season




As things stand right now Arsenal is second in the standings behind Liverpool on goal difference and even though the season is just two games old and we have not faced a top-six rival there is still plenty of reasons to be very confident that this campaign will be a successful one.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first, Burnley and Newcastle were easy pickings, I accept that and I know full well that the upcoming games against Liverpool and Tottenham are the real test but that is not what this article is about.

While our first two opponents were hardly the most testing opponents it has to be noted that in the first game it could be argued that as many as six or seven first-team players were missing and even in the game against Burnley there were significant player absences.

But putting the quality of the opponents to one side there is a lot to feel good about as we gear up to face much sterner opposition.

Dani Ceballos has already strengthened the midfield and looks like he could be the replacement for Aaron Ramsey we have been looking for, he also has that Santi Cazorla feel about him and the energy he has brought to the team is clear to see. I have no doubts he will give both Spurs and Liverpool a torrid time.

Lucas Torreira, Mesut Ozil and even Nicolas Pepe have yet to stamp their mark on the season and when those three start clicking in their respective positions the team will be even stronger.

The defence will be far stronger soon as well, David Luiz will become more settled, Monreal is playing like a new signing and Kieran Tierney, Rob Holding and Hector Bellerin should all be back by the time October comes to a close.

This Arsenal team has yet to realise its full potential and as each game passes they are getting closer and closer to showing what they are truly capable of.

I am not saying we are title contenders though I am not ruling it out either but I am saying that there is every reason to feel confident that we will do a lot better than last season and from where I am sat, the evidence is there already that my confidence is justified.

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Arsenal news

Arsenal fans will love what Dani Ceballos said after ‘special’ Gunners debut vs Burnley




Arsenal beat Burnley 2-1 on Saturday as the Spaniard made his debut for the Gunners.

The Real Madrid loanee set up goals for both Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, as Unai Emery’s side won their second game in a row.

The 23-year-old midfielder, who is expected to return to Spain when the season finishes, has spoken out about his dream debut.

He told Arsenal’s official website: “The most important thing in football is to win.

“When you have a great game and can help the team to get the victory, you feel satisfaction to know that you’re going home calmly and with the work done.

“The truth is that for me it has been one of the most special days of my life.

“I think that by starting at home with a win, and with this passion shown at the end of the match, I think it will be hard for me to forget this day.”

Arsenal fans also supplied the new boy with a chant as his impressed at the Emirates, for which he has praised supporters.

He said about the chant: ”For me it is a great pride.

“I really want this year to truly demonstrate the football that I have inside.

“I have a lot of enthusiasm for this season and to be able to give a lot of joy to these people.

“The confidence they have in me, I want to return it to them with my performances.”

After the clash, Match of the Day pundit Danny Murphy raved over Ceballos’ performance, and praised Arsenal for bringing him in on loan.

“They’ve got themselves a player here,” Murphy said.

“He’s got the lot really for a midfielder.

“He’s creative, he wants the ball all the time, which is what I want to see.”

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Arsenal news

My Top Ten Favourite Arsenal Kits – What’s yours?




So, let’s be honest the new Arsenal kit launch could not have gone better for all parties. On the day of the first release there were talks of not buying any shirts as a way of protesting against Stan Kroenke. A month later sales have been so good that Adidas are ready to release a 4th kit.

The idea that Arsenal have already been paid hence it doesn’t matter how much merchandise is brought is a myth. The more money they make, the more Mr. Adidas is willing to offer when it’s time to renew the contract. Alternatively, if the product wasn’t shifting, you’re going to struggle to find a company willing to hand over 300 million.

Since I watched football though, I have rarely heard gooners so impressed by a manufacturer’s work, to the point I think they would be angry if we changed sponsors in the immediate future. Now this list will be subjective, no right and wrong (not including the latest kit)…

A lot might depend on your age and of course how successful the team were at the time. Some like to keep things simple yet there’s nothing worse than feeling obliged to cash out your money on the same red shirt you owned for 12 months, where the only difference might be a line.

I should stress Puma will not feature as I didn’t have the body building physique, they were clearly marketed for. I know you can buy the version which isn’t as tight but sorry I don’t pay 60 pounds to remind myself I’m not as fit as I used to be.

10- Purple away

Okay I know some don’t like when our kits abandon tradition, but sometimes it can get boring when shirts look exactly the same. Plus a few years without wearing yellow you appreciate it more when it returns. Whisper it quietly, I didn’t actually buy this shirt but instead spent more on a fleece which I still wear to this day. The colour scheme seemed popular with those who didn’t know without seeing the canyon it was football themed, always a good sign

9- Blue Away

Some shirts just look really good on the players, but don’t quite work for us modern folk. I like my arms in long sleeves, so this always felt like a comfy pajama top rather then something I could kick a ball around in. I added the gloves but really wasn’t skillful enough to pull it off.

8- White Kit

I know some instincts where it was white and therefore just not a colour you associate with Arsenal. Yet all of that is taken away by the cranberry collar, sleeves and shorts making this a trendy shirt more then just a decent footie shirt. Maybe it’s what age you were at the time, but this was the first football shirt I owned which girls thought looked smart, so …. I guess…

7- Blue Anniversary Shirt

Is it me or did Football go through a phase where they wanted shirts to be smart as much as on the pitch but also something you could wear casually? Quite a comfy fit with an original badge to celebrate our anniversary, perhaps doesn’t get enough credit for a really poor squad who had to wear it. I’m still trying to work out how we got in the top 4 that year.

6- Yellow Away

Sometime less is more. There’s something classic about modern day doing retro and here’s an example. They haven’t played around by adding a blue or grey stripe, simply bright, yellow, bright blue, stripe socks, iconic Arsenal.

5- Yellow Invincible

Now this was yellow, as yellow as you can be. So yellow you were self-conscious nipping to your corner shop because to non-football fans you were just wearing a really yellow shirt and not many of us can pull it off. Again, though it’s iconic and one of the final times we stuck with the baggy color. Plus, if my electric meter ran out of money, I still had light!

4- Arsenal 2000-02

For no other reason then the first shirt I was brought as a child. I’m sure we all have that memory which would be nice to share in the comments…

3 Gold

The first time I saw Arsenal be original without going over the top, fitting the red and blue in. Okay let’s be honest, to wear gold you need to have the right team to pull it off. Gold doesn’t work if your finishing 10th in the League.

2 Home Invincibles

So, there’s only so much you can do to your home shirt as we are associated with red and white. If your going to do it make it basic, red shirt, white sleeves, sponsors. Don’t change the collar or add a stripe just to sell a new version. If I had to pick one, of course I’m going to pick the one worn by our greatest ever side.

1 – Cranberry

Will divide opinion as some will insist our home kit always be red and white while others will appreciate the originality. It was never important to me to have the names and numbers on the back but Henry was my exception. I have to say the gold lettering over the Cranberry was stunning. As I got older, it’s the one kit I never throw out as it reminds me of happier times.

Henry, Highbury …… you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone, I guess ….

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Dan Smith

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